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Where was Osama Bin Laden during the Iraq and Afghan wars? (thumbnail) political and social commentary (thumbnail) American soldiers under attack in Iraq (thumbnail) Graffiti Nation: Homage by Vaughn Clay (thumbnail) Punked out high fashion (thumbnail) A panorama of a 50's motel gone wrong. its closed and no one is keeping the shrubs cut anymore. It's a spooky place and a spooky cast of characters from the NIxon and Reagan administrations inhabit the front lawn with other Americana. Roadside statues. (thumbnail) A night of neon. mystery and city roads. (thumbnail) Artist with his work at Gallery Sim (thumbnail) a fanciful take on Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring" (thumbnail)
Where was Osama Bin Laden during the Iraq and Afghan wars? (large view)
Finding Osama Bin Laden
A painting that depicts the struggle to find Osama Bin Laden and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oil on canvas with metallic marker
54" H x 81" W
Price: $9000.00    

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